Grooming Your Cat

Do you ever groom your cat? If not, you may want to consider it. While kitties are very good at keeping up with their beauty regimens, they may still need a little help sometimes. In this article, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet discusses grooming cats.

Benefits of Grooming

Long-haired cats often get tangles in the fur under their legs. Grooming will help prevent painful mats from forming in these areas. Also, grooming will remove dead fur and dander from your cat’s coat. This will reduce the amount of fur that your cat swallows, which will in turn reduce the number of hairballs you find on the floor. It’s also good for your cat’s circulation. Last but not least, you’ll have less cat fur on your furniture and clothes.

When To Groom

Pick a time when your kitty seems relaxed and sleepy. Since napping is a favorite feline pastime, this shouldn’t be hard! Pet your cat gently, following the natural direction of her fur. Once you hear that little motor start up, add the brush, and stroke very gently. At this point, your cat’s personality will come into play. Some cats love being pampered. Other kitties, however, absolutely hate being groomed. If your cat hisses or tries to run away, don’t force the issue. Let her go, and try another time. Even if you can only get in a few strokes at a time, it will still be beneficial. Be sure to offer treats and praise, and tell your cat she’s being a good kitty.


Unlike dogs, cats don’t absolutely need to be bathed. It’s generally a matter of preference among cat owners. If you have a kitten, you may want to bathe her a few times while she’s little, to get her used to it. This will make it much easier down the road if she ever gets something on her fur that would necessitate a bath. If you do bathe your cat, be sure to use only lukewarm and products made specifically for cats. Too many baths can dry out your cat’s fur, so be careful not to over-bathe her. Bathing a cat can be challenging, to say the least, so you may find it easier to take her to a professional groomer.

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