Moving with Cats

Are you going to be moving soon? Moving is very exciting, but it also means a lot of hard work. For our feline friends, changing residences can be very frightening, even traumatic. Fluffy will likely become increasingly anxious as she realizes her domain is being slowly dismantled. Eventually, you’ll see the other side of this, and your cat will become calmer and calmer as her new kingdom starts to come together, but in the meantime, you may find yourself with a very stressed-out kitty on your hands. In this article, a local Mt. Pleasant, SC vet offers some helpful tips on moving with cats.


Your feline friend will likely be underfoot as you wrap and pack your belongings. Keep an eye on your furry pal, so she doesn’t jump into any boxes! This is a great time to clean your pet’s bedding and furniture.


Before moving, make sure that Fluffy is up to date on her vaccinations and parasite control products. Keep your cat’s records with you during the move. Proper ID is also extremely important. We recommend putting a collar and ID tags on your cat, at least until the move is complete. You’ll also want to be sure your kitty has been microchipped, and that her records are correct in the chip manufacturer’s database.

Moving Day

Set your kitty up in a quiet room with food, toys, treats, a litterbox, and a comfy bed while your belongings are being loaded and unloaded. You definitely don’t want your pet underfoot as your belongings are being moved! There’s also a chance that Fluffy could get spooked and bolt out an open door. Better safe than sorry!

Car Ride

Always keep your cat crated for car rides. Fluffy won’t be any happier about the trip, but you’ll all be much safer. If you’re going long distance, ask your vet about sedating your kitty to keep her calmer.


When you get to your new residence, put Fluffy in a quiet room with her supplies for the first day or so, to give her a chance to adjust. When you do let her out, give her a few new toys and lots of praise. It won’t hurt to offer her a few empty moving boxes, either!

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet clinic, today!