DIY Kitty Toys

Have you ever bought your cat an expensive toy, only to have your furry friend turn that cute little nose up at it, and play with a piece of paper instead? Kitties are adorable and make wonderful pets, but they can certainly be finicky! Fluffy doesn’t always necessarily have expensive taste, however. In fact, your feline buddy may even prefer simple homemade toys to fancy pet shop products. A local Isle of Palms, SC vet offer some great options for DIY kitty toys in this article.

Catnip Socks

Does your feline buddy love catnip? Grow your own in small pots, and then, when it’s ready, sew some into tiny baby socks to make little DIY catnip mice.

Cardboard Fun

You can actually make quite a few adorable cat toys from the cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Try cutting one into rings, and then assembling them into a little ball with a treat in the center. Or, just cut and fray the edges, so it looks like a little sunflower.

Cardboard Kitty Mansion

Fluffy’s box obsession is no secret. Take your feline buddy’s love for all things square and cardboard by making her a little kitty castle. This can be as simple as one box with a hole in the side, or as elaborate as a multi-story palace, complete with windows and turrets.

Simplest Cat Toy Ever

A crumpled up piece of paper can actually be lots of fun for a kitty to bat around. It’s worth noting that not every cat will go for this one. Some may not even bother to get up to investigate! However, some kitties will love smacking around this easy plaything. It’s worth a shot!

Kitty Tunnel

Our feline friends love to peek out at us from ‘secret’ hiding places, and playfully pounce out at us as we are walking by. You can make Fluffy her very own lurker tunnel out of cardboard boxes or even paper bags.


Whether buying or making your pet’s toys, always put safety first and foremost. Never give your furball anything with small pieces that could choke her, or with long strings she could get tangled up in. Ask your vet for more recommendations.

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