Senior Cat Care Tips

Is your feline pal entering her senior years? Cats generally age gracefully, but just like any other living being, they go through some changes as they grow old. Your kitty’s basic needs – good food, a clean litterbox, veterinary care, and napping spots – will stay the same, but you may need to make some minor changes to Fluffy’s care routine. In this article, a Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian offers some helpful tips on senior cat care.

Senior Facilities

Aging cats often find it easier to get in and out of litterboxes with low walls. Consider upgrading Fluffy’s lavatory. If your home has multiple floors, keep litterboxes on each floor.

Night Vision

Your cat may experience a decline in her vision as she ages. Keep a nightlight on to help your pet get around after dark.

Lift Assistance

If you see your cat about to jump on or off something, help her out by giving her a gentle lift. Just be careful when handling your aging pet. Pick her up slowly, and make sure all those cute little paws are on the ground before you let go.


Fluffy may begin to have difficulty keeping up with her beauty regimen in her senior years. Help your kitty out by gently brushing her to remove dead fur and tangles.


Take time to play with your kitty every day. Fluffy may only play for a few minutes, but even a little bit of activity will benefit her both physically and mentally.


Believe it or not, cats nap even more as they age! Your sleepy little furball will appreciate having several soft, comfy napping zones to choose from. Get Fluffy a few different beds, and place them in various rooms.

Veterinary Care

Your feline friend may need to go to the vet’s more often in her golden years, so she can be monitored for any signs of developing health problems. In between visits, keep up on Fluffy’s parasite control products, and watch for any signs of illness. Contact your vet right away if you notice anything wrong.


Make sure your senior cat feels loved, safe, and secure. Pet with your feline pal, play with her, and let her snuggle up to you when she wants.

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