4 Ways to Keep Your Cat From Knocking Your Tree Down

Cats are wonderful pets. They’re cute, lovable, cuddly, and full of personality. Despite all of these wonderful qualities, our feline friends aren’t quite purrfect. One thing that often brings out Fluffy’s mischievous side is the Christmas tree. Your cat may see your seasonal decoration as, well, a giant jungle gym. An Isle of Palms, SC vet offers some pointers on how to keep your cat from bringing the tree down in this article.

Extra Support

Be sure to pick a tree with a sturdy base. If your tree wobbles, it won’t take much for your cat to knock it over. You can add extra support by using fishing line to secure the very top to the wall or ceiling. It won’t show, but may help keep your tree upright.

Decorate Wisely

Don’t hang shiny, dangly ornaments within easy reach of Fluffy’s cute little paws. Keep your decorations, especially fragile ones, on the top half of the tree, where they won’t be quite so tempting to your frisky pet.

Go Artificial

Real trees provide many valuable benefits to kitties in the wild. They offer cats security and shelter, a way to escape predators, and a high vantage point, as well as a perfect manicure station. Artificial trees, however, aren’t quite as easy for Fluffy to climb. Consider getting a fake tree.


Try not to make the tree easily accessible to your playful feline. If possible, put your tree in a corner. Avoid putting it near a couch or table, or anything else Fluffy could use to launch herself from.

General Safety

Keep in mind that trees can be just as dangerous to cats as cats are to trees. Tinsel and needles are both hazardous to our feline friends. They can choke your pet or, if eaten, cause intestinal blockages. Ornament hooks are also very dangerous to cats, so be sure to pick up any loose ones from the floor. Your tree’s water is another hazard, as it may contain harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, as well as residue. Be sure to cover the water bowl, so Fluffy can’t drink from it. Last but not least, keep breakable ornaments, garlands, and lights well out of paws’ reach.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Isle of Palms, SC vet clinic, for all your feline friend’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!