New Year’s Resolutions for Kitten Owners

Have you recently adopted a kitten? What a terrific way to start out the new year! Your tiny ball of fur has lots to learn, and lots of growing to do, in the coming months. In order for your little one to grow into a happy, healthy adult cat, you’ll need to provide some extra TLC while she’s small. Why not incorporate little Fluffy into your New Year’s resolutions? A local Isle of Palms, SC vet offers some great suggestions on how to do that in this article.

Teach Fluffy Petiquette

It’s much easier to teach kittens good manners than it is to correct bad habits in spoiled adult cats. Be sure to discourage rough play! It may be cute when little Fluffy playfully attacks you now, but it won’t be very amusing when she’s grown up! This is also the time to instill good scratching habits, and get your pet used to being groomed and handled.

Provide Proper Veterinary Care

We really enjoy watching adorable kittens grow into healthy adult cats. Your baby feline will need several trips to the vet during her first year, as she’ll need microchipping and spay/neuter surgery in addition to her examinations. Parasite control is also very important! At home, if you notice any signs of illness, contact your vet immediately. Kittens are quite fragile, and can get sick very quickly, so don’t wait!

Bring On The Purr!

Good food, regular veterinary care, and a clean litterbox will see to your pet’s basic physical needs, but good cat care doesn’t stop there. Give little Fluffy lots of fun toys to keep her entertained. We also recommend providing at least one piece of furniture that is all hers, such as a kitty tower, as well as at least one comfy napping spot with a good window view. Also, take time to play with your kitten every day. You may find these play sessions are just as fun for you as they are for your cat!


Make sure your kitten feels loved, happy, and secure. Cuddle her, play with her, pet her, and talk to her. It may not take much to get little Fluffy’s motor started!

Happy New Year from your Isle of Palms, SC animal clinic! We hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling year, and are looking forward to serving your cat’s veterinary care in 2016 and beyond.