5 Things That Confuse Your Cat

Have you ever wondered how smart cats are? While the jury is still out on exactly how intelligent our feline friends are, we do know that they can learn and respond to commands. For instance, we’re pretty sure Fluffy knows what ‘Get Down From There!’ means. One thing that is a bit clearer is identifying things our furry friends don’t understand. In this article, an Isle of Palms, SC vet lists some things that kitties can’t quite figure out.

Vacuum Cleaners

Even the calmest cats often bolt for cover when the vacuum monster comes out of the closet. For pet parents, regular vacuuming is quite necessary, both for battling fleas and keeping fur off the carpet and furniture. Your feline friend, however, may very well see this cleaning device as her mortal enemy.

Car Rides

Fido may love going for car rides, but most of our feline friends are nowhere near as enthusiastic. Fluffy is often scared of vehicles, and may hate absolutely everything about them: the noise, the movement, even the smell.

Your Sleeping Habits

Cats are certainly sleepy little furballs. Fluffy could spend up to 20 hours a day napping! This may seem, well, a bit extreme to us, but your kitty may very well wonder why you don’t sleep more!

Your Rules

Fluffy may know that she isn’t supposed to get on the table or counter, but she will probably never figure out why. She’s not quite sure why you won’t let her outside, either. Another thing that often perplexes our feline friends is why we don’t want them to scratch our furniture. After all, the couch is a perfect manicure station! We do know that cats don’t understand punishment, so never yell at or strike your kitty for misbehaving: you may only make her feel angry or scared. Instead, focus on the positive by rewarding good behavior.

That Little Red Dot

Many of our feline friends love playing with laser pointers. Fluffy may never figure out just what that little red dot is! To keep your furball from getting discouraged by her elusive prey, offer her praise and perhaps a bit of catnip for her efforts.

Do you have any questions about your feline pal’s health or care? Does Fluffy need shots or an exam? Call us, your Isle of Palms, SC animal hospital, today! We are happy to help!