Bringing An Outdoor Cat Inside

Have you decided to keep your cat indoors? Good for you! Perhaps you’ve become aware of the dangers Fluffy faces outside, such as cars, predators, and weather. Or maybe you’ve recently decided to adopt a stray, or a kitty that previously was allowed to roam freely. Cats are definitely much safe and healthier as indoor pets, but the change can take some getting used to. Below, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet offers advice on helping an outdoor cat transition into living inside.

Make Indoor Living Fun

Cats love being pampered! Spoiling a cat is actually quite easy: just offer your feline friend plenty of soft beds and lots of toys. Boxes, sunbeams, and catnip are also very popular among kitties. If your furry little diva realizes she’s living a life of luxury indoors, she may lose the urge to venture beyond the walls of her kingdom.

Offer A Window View

Birdwatching, relaxing, and sunbathing are some of Fluffy’s favorite activities. Offer your kitty a comfy place where she can do all of these things at once. Put a kitty bed on an ottoman before a window, or put a cat tower on your screened patio.

Bring The Outside In

To give your cat a taste of the outdoors, put some pet-safe plants at floor level. Your kitty will be able to look out through the leaves, and will get a little taste of nature, while staying safe and sound indoors. Of course, Fluffy may occasionally dart out at you from behind said plant, but that’s par for the course when it comes to owning cats. Tip: check the ASPCA website for non-toxic plants.


Take time to play with your cat every day. Use toys that you can control, like wand toys or laser pointers, to get your kitty engaged, and satisfy her natural urge to stalk, pounce, and attack. You’ll end up with a happy, somewhat tired pet on your hands. This is a good thing: Fluffy will probably be more interested in napping than trying to sneak out the door.

Leash Training

If Fluffy still wants to go outside, consider training her to walk on a leash. This will take time and patience, but many kitties love being walked. Ask your vet for more information.

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