How to Soothe a Timid Kitty

Do you have a scaredy-cat on your hands? While some of our feline friends are quite fearless, others are very nervous and shy. If your kitty often seems frightened, read this article from an Isle of Palms, SC veterinarian on how to soothe a timid cat.

Veterinary Care

First and foremost, have your vet examine your cat. Sometimes kitties hide when they don’t feel well, so you’ll want to be sure that your cat isn’t sick. If Fluffy gets the all-clear, then you know you have a bashful pet, rather than a sick one.

Provide Safe Places

Make sure your shy pet has safe spots to retreat to in every room. You can give Fluffy kitty condos, boxes, or cat tunnels. You can also buy or make pet tents. The main thing is just to be sure your cat always has a place to retreat to if she feels scared.

Play With Fluffy

Play with your anxious feline friend every day. Choose kitty toys that you can control, like wand toys, or laser pointers. This will help your panicky pet build confidence, and also allow her a safe, healthy way to burn off some of her nervous energy. Fluffy will be much calmer, and hopefully a bit tired, after playtime.

Positive Reinforcement

Never yell at a timid cat, even if she’s done something wrong, like soiling outside the litterbox. You may only make her more anxious. Instead, use treats, toys, and praise to reward your feline pal for being good, and to win her trust.

Don’t Force Attention

Never force a nervous cat to submit to being held or petted. Let your kitty come to you when she wants attention. When your cat is in the room with you, just let her be.

Talk To Your Cat

It may sound odd, but talking to your cat can help soothe her. Fluffy will know you’re paying attention to her. This will help her feel loved and safe. Plus, kitties make a great venting outlet after a bad day at work!

Kitty Comfort Zone

It isn’t hard to turn your home into a kitty haven. Offer Fluffy lots of beds and toys, and provide her with a good window view.

Please reach out to us for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. As your Isle of Palms, SC veterinary clinic, we are happy to help.