4 Common Cat Care Mistakes

Did you know that almost half of all households have cats? Kitties have many great characteristics that make them wonderful pets: they’re cute, clean, and cuddly, and are full of adorable quirks. Another great thing about our feline friends is the fact that they are quite easy to care for. However, great cat care goes far beyond filling Fluffy’s dish and changing her litterbox. Below, a Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian lists some common cat care mistakes.

Lack of Stimulation

Although Fluffy may spend the vast majority of her time napping, she still needs something to do when she’s awake. Offer your kitty lots of fun toys to entertain herself with. We also recommend making sure your feline friend has access to at least one window seat with a good view, so she can watch birds and squirrels.

Not Enough Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is very important to your kitty’s health and well-being! In addition to getting regular exams and recommended vaccines, Fluffy should be microchipped and spayed or neutered. It’s also important to keep a close eye out for any potential signs of illness. Cats often don’t let us know they’re sick until they’re quite ill, so if your pet is acting unusual, contact your vet immediately.


Never punish your feline friend for doing something wrong. Negative reinforcement rarely works with cats. Fluffy doesn’t understand the concept of punishment, and may not understand why you’re angry with her. You may only end up scaring your kitty, or confusing her. It’s much better to focus on rewarding good behavior. If your pet is misbehaving, consult your vet or a professional cat behaviorist.

Ignoring Safety Concerns

Kitties may have larger-than-life personalities, but, at the end of the day, they are very small and fragile, and can easily be hurt. This is one reason we recommend keeping Fluffy inside: cats that go outdoors faced many serious dangers, such as cars, other animals, and weather. It’s also important to be aware of potential hazards in your home and around your property. For instance, a puddle of antifreeze on the floor of your garage may not seem like a big deal, but it presents a serious danger to your pet. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? We’re here to help! Call us, your Mt. Pleasant, SC animal clinic, anytime.