Creating an Indoor Kitty Garden

Have you ever caught your kitty nibbling on your houseplants? If so, you’re not alone! Cats are technically supposed to be carnivores, but they do enjoy some chomping on some fresh greens now and then. Why not make your pet her own indoor kitty garden? This is a great option for a screened-in porch or patio. It’s also a wonderful way to pamper an indoor cat by bringing the outdoors and letting her get a taste of nature. Below, a Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian offers helpful tips on making your cat her own garden.

Potted Trees

Potted trees are a great addition to any kitty garden. Some good ones are rubber tree plants, money trees, and several types of palm, such as the Ponytail palm and Areca palm. Don’t be surprised if your playful pet likes to hide behind these plants and pounce on innocent passers-by!


Many herbs are safe for kitties. In fact, some are even good for them! Your cat’s herb garden can contain mint, parsley, thyme, and rosemary. Of course, no cat garden would be complete without Fluffy’s favorite plant: catnip!


Lemon grass is safe for kitties, and will also make your home smell great. Wheat grass is another great addition to your feline buddy’s private garden. Grow it in small pots, or look for a large, rectangular pot that allows you to create a living grass mat. Many kitties love sleeping on these!

Other Options

Some other options for cat-safe houseplants include spider plants, African violets, Cliff Brake, Club Moss, Chocolate Soldiers, Chamea Dorea, air plants, Cast Iron plants, and several different ferns. Many lilies and orchids are also safe. You can also try growing succulents, which are a great choice for people with brown thumbs. Some pet-safe varieties are the Maroon Chenille, Echeveria, and Painted Lady.


These are just a few of the plants that are safe for cats. There are many more! You can find a complete list of both safe and unsafe plants online at the ASPCA website. We recommend keeping these plants close to floor level, hanging them, or using sturdy plant pots, so your kitty can’t knock them over.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Please feel free to contact us anytime. As your local Mt. Pleasant, SC animal clinic, we are happy to help!