Keeping Your Cat Active

Do you have a kitty? If so, take a look at your feline friend, and see what she is doing right now. There’s a pretty good chance that she’s snoozing. Cats certainly are sleepy: kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day! While Fluffy’s napping predilection may be adorable, it can make it difficult for her to stay in shape, especially once she’s outgrown the frisky-kitten zoomies. Read on as a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet discusses keeping your cat active.


Get Fluffy some kitty furniture that will promote healthy activities, like jumping and climbing. Cat towers are a wonderful option for this, as they also offer your feline friend a manicure station, a great view, and, of course, another napping spot. If you really want to pamper Fluffy, look into getting some wall-mounted cat furniture for her to climb.

Play Time

Take time to play with your feline friend daily. Use a fun toy that you can control, like a wand toy or a laser pointer. That way, Fluffy can pounce and jump, and pretend she is a fierce predator. The exercise will be great for her!


Even the sleepiest kitty can’t spend all of her time napping. There are some ways to keep Fluffy entertained and somewhat active while you’re away. For instance, you can now get devices that allow you to play with your cat remotely, using a pet camera and an app on your phone that controls a laser pointer. Robotic mice and automated laser pointers are also good choices.


Offer your kitty lots of toys to smack around and push under the couch. Our feline friends all have their own preferences for toys: some like string toys, others prefer catnip mice, and some cats love simple toys, like empty boxes or crumpled-up paper balls. Just be sure not to leave wand toys out when you aren’t home: you don’t want Fluffy getting tangled up in the string.

Walking The Cat

Another thing to consider is teaching Fluffy to walk on a leash. Some cats really enjoy going for walks! This will take some training, so prepare to put in a bit of legwork. Ask your vet for specific advice, including training tips and safety precautions.

Do you have questions or concerns about caring for your cat? We can help! Contact us, your Mt. Pleasant, SC animal clinic, today.