Fall Hazards for Cats

Our feline friends have many wonderful qualities: Fluffy is cute, cuddly, and lots of fun to watch and play with. Kitties are also very independent. In fact, cats can sometimes be a bit too independent: left to their own devices, many of them will run straight into mischief! Because fall presents some very specific dangers to kitties, pet parents may want to take some extra precautions to keep their cats safe. Below, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet lists some fall hazards for cats.


In autumn, many people apply lawn and garden products, such as fertilizers, rodenticides, herbicides, and pesticides to their properties. These chemicals are very dangerous to cats! Fluffy could get sick by grooming herself after walking through a spot that has recently been treated. If you treat your yard, restrict your cat’s access to it—or better yet, keep her indoors—and give it a good soaking afterwards, so the chemicals end up in the soil.


Many late-blooming plants are toxic to cats. For instance, many poisonous mushrooms grow in fall. Leaf piles can also be dangerous, as they can quickly grow harmful molds and bacteria. They also make tempting hideouts for snakes and other critters.


Autumn nights can get quite chilly! Offer Fluffy lots of warm napping spots to snuggle up in. If you do let your cat go outdoors, make sure she has an emergency shelter. A plastic storage tote, with a hole in one end and some newspaper inside, will do nicely.

Candles and Heating Elements

Scented candles can make your home look and smell very cozy. Just be careful: kitties and candles are a very dangerous combination! Burn candles only in high, secure spots your pet can’t reach. Space heaters and fireplaces can also be hazardous; use grates and gates to keep Fluffy away from heating elements.

Foods and Candy

While dogs are somewhat more likely to eat candies and sweets than cats, some kitties will eat, well, just about anything. Many candies contain ingredients that are toxic to pets, so if Fluffy has a sweet tooth, be sure to keep the candy dish away from her. Candy wrappers are also dangerous to cats. Many cats like to play with plastic, which can be a serious choking hazard.

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