Holidays With Senior Cats

Happy Holidays! At this time of year, many of our feline friends are quite busy jumping into boxes, helping their human parents wrap gifts, and batting at ornaments on Christmas trees. If your kitty is in her golden years, however, she may be more interested in sleeping under the tree than in climbing it. Senior cats have slightly different needs than younger kitties, so you keep Fluffy’s age in mind as you prepare for seasonal festivities. Here, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet discusses holidays with senior cats.


Have you decided what to get your pet yet? Fluffy may really appreciate a new bed. (Note: even if your cat already has a bed, this is still a great gift. Cats love having a variety of comfy spots to choose from.) If your kitty has a hard time climbing onto furniture, consider getting her some pet ramps or stairs. Toys also make excellent gifts.


Just like people, cats tend to slow down a bit as they age. Fluffy will spend the majority of her time napping. If you are having guests, your kitty may become a bit uneasy, and may not like having her beauty rest disturbed. Set your feline pal up in a quiet back room with a comfy bed, food, and a litterbox, so she can rest peacefully.


Feel free to give Fluffy a special holiday treat! Canned tuna, chicken, or salmon in water are all good options. You can also give your kitty some cooked, plain meat, fish, or poultry with the skin, bones, and fat removed.


Senior cats often have trouble reaching their entire bodies to groom themselves. Take time to gently brush your kitty. This will remove dust, dander, and dead fur from her coat, which will leave her looking soft and shiny. Regular grooming can also help prevent hairballs, and can reduce the amount of fur you find on your clothes and furniture. Needless to say, these are both great benefits when you are having company!

Quiet Time

Spend some quiet quality time with your kitty, and let her doze off in your lap if she wants to. Even just giving Fluffy a quick ear scratch as you pass by will help her feel loved and safe.

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