New Year’s Resolutions for Frisky Cats

Happy New Year! Are you starting 2017 out with a playful feline friend at your side? If so, you are certainly in for some adorable moments this year! Actually, your pet may have some super cute plans of her own for the new year. Read on as an Isle of Palms, SC vet lists some resolutions for frisky cats.

Perfect The Pounce

Even though your pet may never ‘hunt’ anything other than your fuzzy slippers or a catnip mouse, she will still be instinctively driven to work on her hunting skills. Offer your kitty lots of fun toys to smack around, and take time to play with her every day.

Work On My Stealth Skills

Many of our feline friends think it’s great fun to hide behind doors or pieces of furniture and dash out at innocent passersby. Get a few pet-safe plants for your frisky pet to hide behind, so she can feel like a ferocious predator.

Sprint Faster!

While kitties certainly enjoy napping, they also sometimes get sudden bursts of energy. Your cat may suddenly race across the room for no reason. This can be super cute to watch!

Clear The Coffee Table

Cats have an adorable, if sometimes perplexing, habit of knocking small objects off coffee tables. If you have a playful kitty, she’ll probably smack a few things onto the floor this year!


Do you sometimes find yourself plucking your adventurous pet off countertops and dressers? Cats often like high places. If you think about it, your furry pal really doesn’t have a great vantage point from floor level. Consider getting Fluffy a cat tower or some wall-mounted pet furniture.


Our feline friends are very curious by nature. Your cute pet will investigate every square inch of her domain, and will check out any new items or boxes you bring home. Your kitty may also want to explore outside. We recommend keeping your furry little adventurer safe and sound indoors. Cats that go outside face some very serious dangers!


All of that pouncing, running, and looking cute can really tire a kitty out. Offer Fluffy lots of comfy beds and napping spots, so she can recharge.

Please contact us, your Isle of Palms, SC pet hospital, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We look forward to providing your cat with excellent care in 2017 and beyond.