5 Signs That Your Cat is Completely Spoiled

There are many things to love about cats. Fluffy is cute, charming, charismatic, cuddly, and clean. She’s also lots of fun to watch! It’s no wonder that so many of us like to pamper our feline friends. Actually, kitties have a way of wrapping their owners around their adorable little paws! Here, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet lists some signs that your kitty could be spoiled.

Beds Everywhere

Cats are naturally very drowsy. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Most of our feline friends rotate their naps from spot to spot. If you want to pamper your kitty, setting out lots of beds for her is a great way to do it! However, if there are pet beds in every room in your house, well, your animal companion just might be a furry little diva.

Fluffy Has You Trained

If there are two things cats take seriously, it’s naps and breakfast. Many kitties wake their owners up in the morning, when they want to be fed. Having a feline alarm clock can come in handy, but if Fluffy has you trained to crawl out of bed to feed her right meow, well, your kitty could be spoiled.

Do Not Disturb

Cats often love curling up in their owners’ laps for a nice, relaxing nap. This is certainly one of Fluffy’s most adorable—and endearing–habits. However, if you ever find yourself staying put, even if you need to get up, just so you won’t disturb Her Furry Majesty, you just might have a pampered kitty on your hands.

Toy Stash

Toys are great for our feline friends! Even spending just a few minutes batting at a toy mouse will benefit Fluffy both mentally and physically. That said, it is possible to go a bit overboard buying kitty toys. If you have ever found a small mountain of cat toys under the couch, well, your pet may be spoiled.


Kitties are much safer indoors, where they are safe from cars, predators, weather, and other dangers. Fluffy does still enjoy a taste of nature, however. If you’ve turned a part of your house into a catio, complete with pet furniture, kitty-safe plants, and great window views, your cat might be spoiled!

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