Spring Cleaning Tips for Cat Owners

Spring is on the way! If you have a kitty, your feline friend will no doubt supervise carefully you as you start your seasonal spring cleaning. Actually, you may want to add a few things to your to-do list for your pet’s sake. Here, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet offers some spring cleaning tips for cat owners.

Kitty Beds

Wash your cat’s bedding. Use hot water, unscented detergent, and the hottest dryer cycle: this will help kill fleas and/or bacteria.


Go through your cat’s food, treats, and medicine. Discard anything old or stale. If you store Fluffy’s kibble in a container, like a pitcher, give that a good cleaning as well.


Spring is a peak shedding time. As your cat exchanges her thick winter fur for summer clothes, you’ll probably find quite a bit of cat fur on your clothes and furniture. Try using a damp sponge, rubber gloves, or squeegee to get cat hair off your furniture and upholstery. We also recommend vacuuming daily, dusting regularly, and changing your air filters.


Brush your feline buddy daily will capture your kitty’s excess fur in a brush, so less of it ends up stuck to your belongings. This will also cut down on the amount of hair Fluffy swallows, which will in turn help prevent or reduce hairballs. Choose a time when your cat is relaxed, and brush her gently. Work some compliments and cuddles into your grooming session to get that little motor started.

Veterinary Care

Most of our feline patients should visit us about once a year, though some cats may need more frequent appointments. If your kitty is overdue for an exam, vaccinations, or parasite control, make an appointment ASAP.


In spring, many people focus on lawn/garden work. Herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers are all toxic to cats, so be sure not to expose your kitty to any of these things. If you buy new plants, opt for pet-safe ones. You can find a list on the ASPCA website.

Kitty Entertainment

Do you have a bird feeder in your yard? If not, consider putting one in. Choose a spot where Fluffy will be able to watch from a window. Cats love birdwatching!

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health? Is your pet due for veterinary care? Contact us, your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet clinic, anytime!