Fun Facts About Kitties

If you have a kitty, we probably don’t have to tell you that our feline friends are full of adorable and often hilarious quirks. In fact, cats have some really cute built-in features! Read on for some fun facts about kitties from a Mt. Pleasant, SC veterinarian.

Purrfect Pets

We all know that kitties often purr when they are content. Some cats start purring as soon as their human pals pet them or pick them up! However, our furry pals also purr when they are feeling sick, stressed, or scared, perhaps as a way to soothe themselves.

Medieval Mischief

Our feline friends’ penchant for mischief does not seem to be a recent development. In 2011, a researcher found an unmistakable sign of kitty shenanigans: an inky paw print on a medieval text!

Kitty Tales

Another interesting fact about kitties is the fact that only domestic ones hold their tails up straight. Strays usually let their tails droop or hang down. No one is quite sure why this is, but it just may be Fluffy’s way of boasting about her pampered pet status.

Climbing Cats

Have you ever wondered why cats sometimes get stuck in trees? As it turns out, Fluffy’s claws are curved in a way that makes going up both instinctive and easy. Getting down, however, is a bit trickier, and has to be learned.

Expert Stalking

When cats walk, they often move so that their back paws land exactly where their front paws were. This helps kitties stay quiet, so they can sneak up on unsuspecting catnip mice.

Pawsitive Thoughts

Just like people, cats can be either right or left pawed. Boy cats are usually lefties, while female kitties tend to use their right paw more. If you’re not sure which paw your pet uses, set a small object on your coffee table, and watch her knock it off.

Chatty Cats

Do you have a furry little chatterbox on your hands? It may interest you to know that most cats don’t meow at each other. They usually just ‘talk’ to their human servants . . . often to let us know they want food or attention. Fluffy apparently figured out long ago that meowing plaintively is a great way to give orders!

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