Leash Training Your Cat

Was your feline pal once an outdoor kitty? Is your cat a bouncing ball of friskiness? If so, Fluffy may enjoy being walked on a leash. While we always recommend that kitties live indoors, some cats really love fun outdoor activities, like rolling around in the grass. Walking your cat on a leash may be a great way to compromise! Here, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet discusses walking your cat.


There are actually some great benefits to walking your kitty. Being outdoors opens up a whole new world for Fluffy. She will have the chance to scratch real trees, enjoy the sound of birds, and do some exploring. Walking your pet on a leash is also much safer than simply letting her wander freely outside, as it protects her from the dangers posed by cars, predators, weather, and other cats. Walks can also help keep your pet active. And, if your feline friend really enjoys her walks, this is also a great way to help her feel loved and pampered.


Training your feline buddy to walk on a leash could take some time. First, you’ll need to let her get used to her harness. Start by letting her wear it indoors, under supervision. Once your cat is used to the harness, you can attach the leash. Offer toys, treats, and cuddles to help Fluffy form a positive association with it. Let her wear the leash inside for a while, until she’s comfortable with it. The next step is to go for a test walk. Stick close to home at first. If your kitty seems frightened, bring her back inside.


Keep in mind that not all cats want to go outside. If Fluffy has been content as an indoor pet, you may want to consider making her a catio instead. Also, if your pet doesn’t seem to be adjusting to her leash, she may simply be happier staying inside. On the other hand, some cats become a bit too fond of their walks. If your furry friend really loves going outdoors, she may start trying to slip out the door. Finally, never leave your kitty alone with her harness and/or leash on. This could be very dangerous if she gets caught on something!

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