5 Adorable Things Your Cat Will Do This Year

Happy New Year! As we leave 2017 behind and roll on into 2018, many people are making predictions about the next 12 months. While we will happily leave most of these forecasts to others, we may be able to predict some things that our furry patients will do. Read on as an Isle of Palms, SC vet lists some really cute things your feline pal will do this year.

Cuddle At Inopportune Times

Some kitties are quite the little snuggle bugs. In fact, some of our feline friends pretty much want to be petted 24/7! However, cats don’t always have the best timing when it comes to cuddle requests. At least once in 2018, your affectionate pet will demand attention while you’re in the middle of doing something.

Nap In An Odd Spot

As we all know, cats are very, very fond of their beauty rest. Fluffy is always looking for new napping spots, and may rotate from place to place for her morning, midmorning, noon, afternoon, and evening naps. (Note: if you have more than one kitty, you may notice that your pets all have their own purrsonal preferences for sleeping spots.) It’s probably safe to say that at some point this year, you’ll find your kitty curled up in an unusual place.

Sprint For No Reason

Kitties may sleep a lot, but they’re also prone to sudden bursts of energy. At some point this year, Fluffy may very well startle you by running across the room for no apparent reason.

Talk Back

Our four-legged buddies can be quite opinionated! While, just like people, some cats are more talkative than others, most of them do speak their mind at certain times. Fluffy may meow in protest if you move her mid-nap, or are late with her breakfast.

Play With Something That Isn’t A Toy

Our feline buddies are very playful, and love to pounce and jump on things. This is instinctive behavior, and is actually crucial to kitties’ survival in the wild. However, Fluffy doesn’t always care what her ‘prey’ is. Your playful pet may attack a cotton ball, a bottle cap, or even a dust bunny this year!

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