Eco-Friendly Pet Care Tips

Earth Day is April 22nd, which is right around the corner! Of course, for many people, sustainability and being eco-friendly are important every day. More and more people are choosing environmentally products and practices. You can actually go green with your pet care routine if you like! Here, an Isle of Palms, SC vet lists some eco-friendly pet care tips.


Keep sustainability in mind when buying pet foods and treats. Get into the habit of reading labels, and choose brands that support earth-friendly practices.

Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Pet overpopulation is a serious problem! Make sure to get your furry buddy spayed or neutered, so they don’t add to the problem by having unwanted litters.

DIY Beds

Turn an old sweater into a comfy cat bed, sew the arms and torso closed, and fill them with pet-safe stuffing. Then, attach the arms to the body, so that it forms an O shape, and close up the neck. For Fido, you can upcycle a child’s mattress or mattress topper you aren’t using anymore.

Doggy Toys

Here’s a simple way to make Fido a rope toy: cut a plain tee shirt into strips. Braid the strips together, and then braid the braids together. Voila!

Use Reusable Bags

Always take reusable grocery bags with you when you go shopping for your pet. This will help reduce the use of plastic.

Doggy Clothes

Do you like to sew? Instead of buying Fido’s doggy clothes new, upcycle a piece of children’s clothing to fit your dog. Look online for patterns and step-by-step instructions.

Donate Unused Items

Have you ever bought Fluffy an expensive piece of cat furniture, just to have her ignore it and sleep on the floor? If so, you aren’t alone! Give unused or unwanted items to local shelters or rescue societies.

Homemade Cat Furniture

Kitties really love having some things they don’t have to share with their human buddies. To turn an old stepladder into a cat tower, just add smooth planks to the steps to widen them out. Then, just wrap the whole thing in sisal rope or carpet. You can also make your feline friend a cute kitty tent out of an old tee shirt and a wire hangar. Look online for more great ideas.

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