Caring for a Longhaired Kitty

Is your feline buddy super fluffy? Longhaired cats are definitely very cute. However, your pretty pet may need a bit of extra TLC. Read on as an Isle of Palms, SC vet offers some tips on caring for a kitty with long hair.


Cats are very diligent about keeping themselves clean. Fluffy may spend hours every day grooming herself, and keeping her pretty fur soft and shiny. However, longhaired cats may need a helping hand with their beauty routines. Brushing your furry little diva regularly will remove dead hair and dander from her coat. Pick a time when your pet is feeling relaxed and possibly a little sleepy. Start by petting her, moving in the direction of her fur. Then, slowly incorporate the brush. Pay extra attention to your kitty’s ‘armpits,’ as these areas often get matted or tanged. Offer your cat treats and compliments, so she feels like she is being pampered. If your kitty starts her motor, you’re doing great! When Fluffy has had enough, just let her go.


You may want to trim the fur around your kitty’s bottom, so she doesn’t get litter and/or fecal matter stuck there. Just be sure to only use blunt-end scissors.


Hairballs, as you may know, happen when cats swallow some of their own fur as they are grooming themselves. Kitties can’t digest fur, so they expel the ingested hair as hairballs. Suffice it to say, this isn’t one of Fluffy’s cuter tricks. However, hairballs aren’ t just an unsightly inconvenience. They can actually be quite dangerous! Your vet may recommend giving your pet a hairball remedy.


A good diet is crucial to your cat’s health and well-being. It will also have a huge effect on your kitty’s coat. Proper nutrition will help keep your pet’s fur properly moisturized, so it stays soft and shiny. This will also reduce the amount of dead fur she sheds. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.

Parasite Control

Fleas and ticks aren’t fun for any kitty, but they can be particularly problematic for cats with long fur, as their coats offer so many places to hide. Be sure to keep up with your feline pal’s parasite control products!

Do you have questions about your cat’s health, diet, or care? Contact us, your Isle of Palms, SC pet hospital, today. We are always happy to help!