Creating a Catio

Do you keep your cat indoors? Fluffy is both safer and healthier staying inside. However, there’s no reason your furball can’t enjoy a taste of outdoors. One way to let your kitty have the stimulation and fun of going outside, while keeping her safe and sound indoors, is to make her a catio. A Mt. Pleasant, SC vet discusses creating a catio in this article.


Make sure to add some plants to your furball’s catio area. Fluffy loves to munch on green leaves! Sniffing and nibbling different plants will offer your pet stimulation, and make her feel like she’s outdoors. Some good options are Rubber tree plants; Boston ferns; Money Trees; Areca and Ponytail palms; and Spider plants. African violets are another suitable choice. Of course, you’ll also want to include some small pots of catnip and/or cat grass for your feline pal. You can find a full list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website.


No catio is complete without some great pieces of kitty furniture. You can of course buy Fluffy’s things, but if you want to save some money, you may just want to make your own. For instance, you can turn a stepladder into a cat tower just by adding some smooth planks to the steps to widen them out into kitty-lounging spots. Then, cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. Voila! A scratching post is also a must. You can make one of these just by attaching a piece of carpet to a board, and nailing the board to the wall, just above your pet’s head. You can also find ideas for other pieces—such as pet tents, kitty hammocks, and catwalks—online.


Make sure to set out lots of toys for your cat to play with. Offer a variety, and change them out regularly so Fluffy doesn’t get bored. Kitties all have their own preferences for toys, so pay attention to what your furball likes best.


Want to make your pet’s catio even more fun for her? Put a birdfeeder in your yard, where she can see it. Fluffy may spend hours just watching the activity around the feeder and daydreaming about being a fierce predator. Kitties love spying on local wildlife!

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