Feral Cat Day

Did you know that Feral Cat Day is October 16th? There are far too many kitties out there on their own! Here, a Mt. Pleasant, SC vet discusses feral cats.

The Plight of Feral Cats

There are as many as 70 million feral cats in the U.S. Part of the reason that there are so many homeless kitties out there is the fact that our feline pals can reproduce very quickly. One pair of cats can have 11,606,077 descendants in only nine years! This is why it’s so important to spay or neuter your own pets.

Feral Vs. Stray

There are no physical differences between stray, feral, and domestic cats, but psychologically, they can be worlds apart. Stray cats are kitties that have been around people before. Many strays are former pets that were lost or abandoned. Feral cats, however, are totally wild. In time, stray cats can become feral. It’s worth noting that feral kitties let their tails droop, while domestic kitties hold their tails up. (This may be Fluffy’s way of saying ‘I have humans!’)

Adopting Feral Cats

While we’d love to see all of those homeless kitties get adopted, in truth, not all feral cats are well-suited to being pets. It really just depends on the cat. Cats that have been feral since birth are often wary of people, and don’t always adjust well to being indoors. However, felines that have been around people before—and are somewhat friendly—can sometimes successfully be adopted. In fact, sometime they make the best pets! Feral cats can also make great barn cats, as they often don’t mind hunting rodents in return for food, shelter, and basic care.

Other Ways To Help

When it comes to helping animals, every little bit counts. Even spreading awareness by sharing posts on social media can help. Consider donating to or volunteering at animal charities that help feral cats. You can also contact a local TNR program and see if there is anything you can do locally. You may be recruited to set out traps, or briefly care for a kitty that has just been fixed. Providing food, water, shelter, and veterinary care can also make a difference. Ask your vet for more information.

Please feel free to contact us, your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We’re here to help!