At Cats Only Animal Hospital, we think the feline species is pretty awesome (though we suppose that goes without saying).

Cats are amazingly agile, fiercely loyal and remarkably intelligent. Sure, they can be finicky and stubborn, but nothing melts away the tension of a stressful day quite like throaty purrs and cozy cuddles.

Cats also happen to handle health care differently than other species. That’s why choosing a feline-only partner makes so much sense.

Our team understands how cats think, what their preferences are and what makes them most comfortable.

Whether it’s allowing extra time to explore the exam room or applying gentle handling techniques, we strive to make vet visits a positive experience. After all, a happier cat makes a healthier cat, which is our ultimate goal.

If you’re looking for a Mt. Pleasant or Isle of Palms area vet that will treat your feline companion like royalty, look no further.

Cats Only Animal Hospital has all the advanced medical care necessary to extend and improve your loved one’s life. More importantly, we’ll always make you and your four-legged family member feel right at home.

Don’t wait another moment. Call your Mt. Pleasant veterinarian today!